An MBC Remodel for the New Year

By Dave Fratello | January 6th, 2014

Happy New Year and welcome back.

You're probably noticing by now that MB Confidential has an updated look. Here are the main differences and new features:

Mobile-Friendliness: You can now easily read MB Confidential on a mobile device, and use search functions tied to your location.

We're now using a "responsive" design (tech industry jargon for "the site knows if you're on mobile or not, and adjusts the display accordingly"). We've also custom-designed some pages, like the popular MB Dashboard, to optimize them when shown on a small screen.

Look Ma, No App! You don't need to download a special app to access MBC on mobile, but you will get a special navigation screen at the home page. (Pictured.) This menu quickly directs you to the most popular MBC functions: Reading the blog, getting an update via the MB Dashboard, or searching for properties (including location-based search).

Load fast and go straight where you want to go – and there's no need for one of those annoying "custom" apps that realtors are always begging you to download.

Better Property Display: We have enhanced the display of photos and content for individual listings. We share your goal: Quick, thorough info, big pictures, all well-thought-out in presentation. All properties feature Google Maps and Streetview. Again, mobile users get a much-improved display.

Better Blog Post Display: Now the front page (desktop version) features the 5 most recent blog posts from MBC, all in summary form, so you can quickly catch up on the posts you're interested in – even if you've been away a few days. Opening any full post brings you to a special blog display page, showing recent comments, archives, popular topics and searches.

Better Reasons to Register: You'll be asked to register with MB Confidential when viewing properties. It's not mandatory, but you will get more and better info by doing so – plus the ability to save searches and favorites and to share with others. If you opt-in for updates, you'll get blog posts by email plus our new, exclusive members-only news and notes.

Our email subscribers have begun to notice another new feature: We now deliver the MB Property Ticker by email each day around 2:00PM. To get that, you must be set up to get the blog content by email, then change your subscription preferences to add the Ticker. (In other words, you only get the Ticker email if you ask for it.)

On balance, we've improved MBC, added stuff without subtracting, continued our policy of allowing free use of the site without registration... and we're gearing up to do even more this year.

It's all at the same cost to you: $0.00. (Though we do appreciate it when readers who are in the market give Dave a chance at their business. See Dave's 2013 Sales.)

Do you want to know the best part of this redesign? It's got to be the mobile version of the MB Dashboard. (Pictured.)

While testing the new site, we've had access to the mobile Dashboard for weeks. What fun.

You know how when you're standing in a line, waiting at the doctor, etc. – all those times when you reach for the phone and look for updates on this and that? We've been using the Dashboard in those situations.

Just 10 seconds after loading, you get a quick update on Manhattan Beach real estate. This feature will be fun all Spring as the market kicks up.

Here's looking forward to a great year for you and yours.

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