A Little Hollywood for MB

By Dave Fratello | July 29th, 2013

Manhattan Beach real estate just got a boost from a surprising source: The Hollywood Reporter.

In a new article (Aug. 2 edition), "Manhattan Beach Real Estate Prices Go Wild," the mag variously touts:

  • Pricey Strand homes
  • The new surge of high-end restaurants
  • Pro athletes and coaches who've become residents
  • The great public schools
  • Hollywood's behind-the-camera denizens of MB

Whatever MB's historical reputation over the decades, it's now described as a "posh paradise" by the Hollywood Reporter.

Does that mean we've arrived?

The same article notes MB's density as a plus, compared to sprawling Malibu, and cites our town's "Mayberry appeal."

Uh-oh. Secret's out.

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