Another Failed Escrow

By Dave Fratello | August 20th, 2007
In the Trees, 1732 Pine is back.

A dated property needing TLC or a bulldozer was priced at $1.295m (high for a lot, reflecting a good location). It was gone in 10 days; it fell out today.

Scratching Pine, MBC now has records on 5 SFRs west of Sepulveda going into escrow in August:
  • 1717 Pacific
  • 3108 Poinsettia
  • 2559 Valley
  • 469 27th
  • 316 Highland
We're also informed of one Hill Section property to go into escrow this month (1008 11th), though MBC never saw that one on the MLS.

What's average for a normal month? Looking back at inventory tracking this Spring and Summer, the answer appears to be about 20 new escrows per month for SFRs that were active on the MLS.

Again, we're at 5 now, with 10 days left in the month.

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