Another Go at 217 9th

By Dave Fratello | September 29th, 2012

No, after a 2-month break, the sellers of 217 9th may really be sellers.

We mentioned this one the other day in "The Year's Quitters," noting that the property had been offered for lease after 6 months of not selling.

But now they've brought it back to market almost $500k lighter than before, at $2.500m.

And this time they're using a local and prominent agent, a change from the first time out.

That'll help, but what really sells is the right price. And pricing this little high-fashion SFR (3br/3ba, 1725 sq. ft.) is no easy task.

Yes, very modern/green. Cool. Ocean views. In the center of town.

But it's still a tough fit. The alley. The bedrooms that bleed into little bathrooms. The style's not for everyone.

This one surprised us with its $3.0m sale when new in 2007. Finally, these folks are admitting that they won't hit those heights again.

Unless there's a bidding war now, right?

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