Another Non-Cut at 36th Place

By Dave Fratello | October 10th, 2011
462 36th Place
It's not as bogus as the $50.00 cut back in early August, but 462 36th Place has made a new cut mainly to generate a "pop" on the radar.

This time: $900.00.

On a list price near $850k. Whoopee.

The new $900 cut on the smallish (2br/2ba, 1200 sq. ft.) remodel brought it from $848,900 to $848,000.

In between the $50 and $900 cuts, there was one more substantial $50,000 cut, which we referenced 2 week ago. But now, back to the old games...

For more on this property, see our review from late May.

The house was purchased for $825k in Aug. 2008, and the listing still touts $150k in renovations. So we'll repeat that this is already a clear case of the seller "donating the renovations."

But for some reason they're not pitching it that way. It's still all about the baby-step price adjustments.

Did we mention that the listing still begins, precisely: "Location! Location! Location!"

There's your issue right there.

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