Another Try at 1140 The Strand

By Dave Fratello | July 5th, 2014

If the new listing at 1140 The Strand looks familiar to you, that's because you've been paying attention.

The triplex is the first home north of the pier parking lots, so nearly every Manhattan Beach resident or visitor has taken note of the building at some point.

But it's also been on the market a few times before, most recently for 4 months just last year.

The history on market:

  • April 2005-April 2006: Asking $5.6M
  • April-Oct. 2006: Asking $4.999M
  • July-Oct. 2013: Asking $9.995M
  • Now (July 2014): Asking $13.999M

The first 3 listings resulted in no sale, but this year is this year.

(Shoulda taken it last year at $4M less.)

Interestingly, the '05-'06 listings touted this mainly as a development opportunity.

The more recent listings speak of 2 of the 3 units being remodeled. The building appears to do some business in short-term rentals.

Want to see an upbeat "video tour" with a smattering of interior photography and a ton of MB lifestyle stuff? Follow this link here (be warned, music begins right away).

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