Another Week, Another Titan

By Dave Fratello | April 28th, 2009
A couple of years passed here when we saw virtually no Strand listings, and certainly no spec homes. That's changing.

Back in late 2007, 1212 The Strand (4br/5ba, 4600 sq. ft.), a gently used modern, went for $10.7m. (See "Highest Sale Prices of 2007" or "And Then There Were 4.")

This year, besides the growing number of Strand offerings of many kinds, we also have seen 2 speckies:
That's the second Strand listing in a week priced over $13m, the other being last week's Titan, 1800 The Strand, at $13.5m.

At 3516 The Strand, the home's got a name, even though it's not quite yet complete. It'll be "Villa Toscana Sul Pacifico."

The home "resembles an authentic Tuscan style home among the rolling hills of Italy's countryside," we're told by the listing, though MB's dunes don't really match up too well as a setting. (There are seaside cities in Tuscany that provide a closer parallel.)

Ribbing aside, the 6br/5ba, 5550 sq. ft. home is on another level entirely with its ambition.

They're jetting in reclaimed materials from old Tuscan homes, 600-year-old fountains and sinks from Cyprus, old ceiling beams and roof tiles. Some of the other parts are being manufactured in Italy as well.

It's not your cookie-cutter speckie, in other words. Not that it should be. Not on The Strand. And not for $14m.

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