Around 1 in the Trees

By Dave Fratello | May 3rd, 2011
Livable homes in the Tree Section that can be had for about $1m seem to cluster in suboptimal locations. But you make your compromises and take what you can get.

Recently we've noticed an unusual cluster around Bell and Pacific:

3400 Bell (3br/2ba, 1625 sq. ft.) was one we found quite easy to call "cute." (The pics give some of the flavor.)

Inside, there's adequate living space with updated flooring, kitchen and windows that give the home a sweet and fresh flavor. There's bonus space off the little patio that could serve as a media/play room or office.

The location challenge here is that the home's front along Bell looks up at the walls of the National Guard Armory. It's also very close to Sand Dune Park, though with the way they've mercilessly choked park access regulated The Dune, it's not clear how much of a liability that is now.

3400 Bell just sold for $1.1m, a teeny tick up from the start price at $1.099m.

3624 Bell (3br/2ba, 1225 sq. ft.) didn't last long at $1.085m, posting a deal recently at 24 DOM.

Though the home's at the corner with Rosecrans, the severe upslope of Bell creates a large, private back yard along Rosecrans that becomes a major feature of the home.

Inside, the house has been cheerfully remodeled. That move-in-readiness has a clear appeal. The home traded for $1.235m in June 2006, about 5 years ago. 

1907 Pacific (4br/2ba, 1375 sq. ft.) launched in early March at $1.079m, made reasonably quick cuts and has now closed for $975k.

We found the home to be a pleasant surprise, given its location and period exterior. The interior has been refreshed completely for sale, with all-new wood flooring, a fully modern kitchen and updated baths. Of the 4br, 3 are of good size, 1 makes a better office, and none is truly a master (no attached bath).

Not much of a yard – the back-of-the-lot garage consumes much of the space. Just a postage stamp's worth of grass is really available to romp around on. The lack of extra living space inside could also grate on a family over time – just retreat to your rooms or go to the beach.

2602 Pacific (3br/3ba, 1500 sq. ft.), a long-term rental that has been previously offered for sale for parts of 2008 and 2009, is a bit larger (135 sq. ft.) than the listing above, but lacks that 4th bedroom and needs updates all around.

The attraction at 1907 was that they had done the work. 2602 is asking $975k now – same as 1907 just sold for – despite being north of Valley and needing help. Good luck with that.

Since we're toodling around Pacific near $1m, it's also worth recalling that the new MB city manager bought 2913 Pacific (3br/2ba, 1900 sq. ft.) for $1.080m earlier this year before undertaking a renovation project. (See "A Pricey Perk on Pacific.") 

2603 Pacific (3br/2ba, 1450 sq. ft.) adds to that sense you get driving along Pacific north of Valley: Is everything around here for sale?

This one's priced at the higher end of the listings we're discussing here, at $1.149m currently, off from $1.199m to begin.

Behind that ho-hum, 50s/60s cottage exterior there is a surprising and bold remodel, featuring fully updated kitchen and baths and open ceilings. There's also more of a real yard than you find at 1907 Pacific, the remodel that has sold.

It remains to be seen, though, if this combination, north of Valley, is worth 18% more than 1907 Pacific.

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