Big New Numbers in El Porto

By Dave Fratello | August 13th, 2014

El Porto has always been a little different. It wasn't even part of Manhattan Beach until we annexed it in 1980.

Though it's in MB (now), homes in El Porto tend to run cheaper. It's all relative, of course, because a million-shack shack on an alley in El Porto is still a pretty pricey piece of real estate. Still, you'll generally get more for the dollar up north.

And yet, wouldn't you believe it? In 2014, we see new sales in El Porto that raise the bar considerably.

First, it was 113 El Porto (4br/4ba, 2700 sq. ft.), a Strand-adjacent TH that gets great views and has an outstanding open floorplan on the top level.

We felt truly lucky to even see 113 El Porto. Though it's 14 years old (2000 build), it sizzles with modern design and a sense of luxury after a recent total re-do inside.

Even in its former condition, more of a plain-vanilla 90s-feeling Mediterranean, it was formerly the top sale in the area at $2.205M (March 2007).

Now it's the top sale again, far over the 2007 bubble-era number, with a sale 2 weeks ago at $2.775M.

Both times, the extra-large TH was the one and only TH in El Porto (38th St. and north) to ever garner more than $2M. (Excluding Strand sales.)

What about more conventional townhomes?

For a very long time, the record sat at $1.710M, dating back to – wait, there's that date again – March 2007.

There were a total of 5 El Porto TH sales in 2006-07 between $1.650M-$1.710M. It was the going rate as the last bubble finished expanding.

One of those near-top sales was at 229 Sea View (3br/4ba, 1830 sq. ft.), a fairly elaborate Tuscan TH which was new when sold in December 2006 for $1.650M. (Officially, the builder called the 2-TH set the "San Terenzo Villas," taking a name from a northern Italian coastal town.)

They tried for a while to resell 229 Sea View back in 2012, asking $1.679M, but that didn't work. It rented out.

Waiting worked, though.

Off-market, they just resold 229 Sea View for $1.869M.

That sale blasts past the longtime record-holding sale for a similar TH in El Porto by more than $150K. It's up by about 9% over the 2007 record.

So all of a sudden, we've gone from El Porto townhomes west of Highland topping out in the 1.6s or 1.7s, to scratching at 1.9.

East of Highland, we've seen a couple sales go higher.

Last year, it was the mega view home at 316 45th (3br/4ba, 2140 sq. ft.), which sold in November last year for $1.995M. That's technically the top sale of a TH in El Porto that's not 113 El Porto. 

Do you look at the east-of-Highland view homes differently than those west of Highland?

In escrow now is another east-of-Highland view TH, a modern at 312 44th (4br/5ba, 2680 sq. ft.), last asking $2.200M. If they close near there, it's another new top number way up north.

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