Check Out South Bay Confidential!

By Dave Fratello | January 26th, 2015


We've been building. Now we're happy to share.

South Bay Confidential is now online, covering the beach cities and Palos Verdes area.

It is, quite simply, the best real estate search engine in the South Bay. It's beautiful, accurate, updated and, well, fun to use.

It's got the micro-market focus you see here at MB Confidential, plus easy, intuitive search tools. Easily find and display properties for sale, or research sold properties to develop your own market analysis. Properties look fabulous on the screen – big or small, desktop or mobile.

Here at MBC, our most popular page is the MB Dashboard, a continuously updated look at market activity.

On South Bay Confidential, we have 4 such Dashboards: one each for MB, Hermosa, Redondo and the Palos Verdes area.

With one click (under "NOW") you can see the 5 latest listings, deals (in escrow), closed sales and price cuts in any of those markets. And the Dashboards are visual, with photos of each property. (Here's a direct link to the MB Dashboard at the new site.)

We could go on about the features of the new site or what went into it, but that would keep you here, when you could be going there!

Don't worry about MBC. It's going to stay right here.

We're about to wrap up our 8th year online and start our 9th. In time for that anniversary, we hope to have a redesign ready here, too. Please stay tuned.

Meantime, enjoy what's new, too, over at South Bay Confidential!

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