City Manager Chops Tree

By Dave Fratello | November 12th, 2011
The house co-purchased by MB's new city manager and all the rest of us saw a little action on Friday.

Workers finish the job by working on the old tree's stump.
Believe it or not, a big tree was removed. Here you see a worker, late in the process, going to work on removing the stump. (Click photo to enlarge.)

This, despite MB's rigorous tree preservation ordinance?

Is it a coincidence that this work was done on Veterans' Day, when government offices and lots of services were closed?

Now, now, we're not going to assume this was done on the sly. There are reasons you can get approved to chop and replace a tree. If anyone has a way to get the permits, it's going to be the (sort of) boss of the town.

2913 Pacific with the old tree in view.
If you're a homeowner who's been frustrated by the tree ordinance, you might want to figure out how to follow his lead.

We'll take a further look at this next week.

Meantime, for a refresher, see our post from January on the nice deal the city manager got in purchasing 2913 Pacific for $1.080m, including a $65k allowance for renovations. (See "A Pricey Perk on Pacific.") He paid for half, we paid for half.

Those renovations apparently include tree removal. More soon.

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