Close the Books on 220 35th

By Dave Fratello | March 16th, 2009
Selling a brand new modern in the North End quickly is no easy task.

But 220 35th did go pretty fast late last year. After a splashy debut in early October, the home had a buyer by early December.

This is news today only because we just found the final sale price: $4m even. That was down from an official start at $5m, and an unofficial start before that at $5.5m.

When the deal was made in December, we heard it was at $4m, but the listing was simply canceled off the MLS. No sale price ever posted. shows the sale in the last days of the year (Dec. 24).

Was 220 35th a great house? Sure. We called it "spectacular" in one story, describing it thusly:
Here's a beaut with big ocean views on a walkstreet west of Highland. Modern and yet warm, maxed-out size-wise (4br/4ba, 4200 sq. ft.) but cozy. It's truly unique, as befits a custom build by a custom builder who intended to live in the home himself.
For a story and several slick pics via Luxury Life & Style magazine, click here and use the online reader to run up to pages 96-97 (pics also on 98).

There were some issues with the location. 35th is a bit of a challenge, with some crusty old homes and somewhat rowdy neighbors. But the new build is special enough to help you get past that.

This sale would have to rate as one of the great deals of 2008. As fate would have it, 220 35th backs up directly against another brand-new modern that also made a great deal in December – 221 34th. That one, an equivalently sized home on the south side of the block with views that we found superior, was rated by MBC as the "deal of the year" for 2008 at $3.315m.

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