Close the Books on 849 17th

By Dave Fratello | September 27th, 2012
What could you do with an 8000 sq. ft. lot in the Martyrs area?

849 17th
Someone just paid $1.715m for 849 17th, apparently with their own answer in mind.

Do you keep the odd, dated, 1960 house with the 5 small br (and 2000 sq. ft.), or go big?

There's some charm to the C-shaped original ranch house, with its central, grassy "courtyard" space. (See our mid-August review.) But this longtime rental is nowhere near the optimal use of the land here in 2012.

It would be easy to rebuild and wind up with a far better house and yard. If you don't mind the land cost near $2m. Or being right across the street from a parking lot.

Hey, they think they can make it work – they should give it a go.

Now that this one is closed up, it's interesting to note again that nearby neighbor 829 17th, also sporting an old rancher on the premises, and also right across from Pacific School, tried unsuccessfully to sell earlier this year for 4 months, always asking $1.999m. (See "Well, That's a Lot.")

849 lasted about 4 days and went slightly over asking. What a difference $300k makes.

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