Clunky, Beautiful, Ocean Views

By Dave Fratello | May 15th, 2012
Among the most recent deals in MB, you'll find quite a mix.

No, there's not a single home that's both "clunky" and "beautiful" with ocean views. At least not among the current crop. Here's the roundup:

2300 Elm (5br/3ba 2780 sq. ft.) definitely qualifies as clunky. It's a dated, worn-out late-1980s home with an unusual layout.

Entry is off the side of the home (unusual), there's no real master bedroom (unusual) and one upstairs bedroom opens to a vast bonus room with wet bar (unusual).

We said no master – there's one one br with an attached bath, but it's a small bath, and whose master is off the living room?

The yard here is surprisingly ample for a 4480 sq. ft. lot, and could really be something with a little work.

Truly that's the story of 2300 Elm – a decent location, dated house that could really be something with a little work. Probably best if you moved some walls and fixed the layout mistakes of the original build.

2300 Elm came up recently at $1.199m. Someone saw past the current version of the home and grabbed it in less than 2 weeks. (Note: The home shows 2+ mos. on market because the listing emerged briefly in March before going on hold for a while.)

2000 Palm (5br/5ba, 3550 sq. ft.) is one that we told you simply would not last. It had sold off-market, and now has just sold on-market after the off-market deal fell apart.

Seems like only yesterday that we called this one a "quality Mediterranean on a plus-plus block of the Trees" with a nice floorplan and bonus basement. That plus a nice yard.

Too beautiful, too nicely located to linger, 2000 Palm had a deal within a week, listed at $2.2m.

428 32nd (4br/4ba, 4300 sq. ft.) is a remodel up on the plateau with ocean views down 32nd St. and over the low-slung neighbor.

Though the home was originally built in the late 1980s, it was substantially remodeled just a few years ago. (The listing gives it a 2006 build date.) It's got a classy, modern style inside and out.

(Disclosures: We're friendly with the sellers and had clients tour the property before it hit the public market. We're limiting our comments on the home as a result.)

The home somewhat evokes a neighboring listing at 436 32nd, an absolutely smashing architectural remodel of a similar 1980s original. The neighbor at 436 has been up at $2.799m for several weeks, having had one deal come and go in that time.

428 32nd did not last long at $2.649m.

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