Complying, or All Wet?

By Dave Fratello | July 15th, 2009
We're 2 weeks into the new Stage 2 Water Shortage restrictions (see "The Browning of MB?").

Just 2 days a week to water your landscaping, no car washing and so on.

The goal of all of this is to cut water usage by 10%. That shouldn't be so hard if you dedicate yourself to it.

Question: How are you doing under the new restrictions?

Second question: How are your neighbors doing?

We've set up two quick reader polls in the left-hand margin to try to gauge MB residents' compliance with the new restrictions.

Please note: In rating your own behavior, you get to choose one option. In rating others' compliance, you have a range of options and can choose multiple responses. For instance, if you know 80% of your neighbors are with the program, but you've seen a couple folks running rampant, you can check both boxes.

Use the comments here to describe your experiences, and put forth any questions you may still have about the policies. The city has fielded dozens of calls already for clarifications and has updated some of its information.

The city also now offers an email address to report violations: (click to begin an email). We're told that the first step is a letter from the city, a warning and explanation, not a citation.

The polls on the left margin will close Monday morning at 10am.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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