Creepy Carrie Hawks an HB Listing

By Dave Fratello | October 22nd, 2010
Just the other day we critiqued some, er, creativity on the part of a listing agent – adding an imaginary pool to a set of listing pics.

At least that move was intended to help sell the house.

In a Hermosa listing that's just hit the MBC radar, a series of creepy pics may make you want to run, not walk, away from the home in question. And here, it would be no surprise to find that the listing pics were submitted by the owner.

Halloween comes early at 941 13th in Hermosa.

Allow us to introduce you to Creepy Carrie, the life-size doll who appears in 15 of the 25 listing photos.

If you dare scan the whole listing, you'll find Carrie lounging in bathtubs, standing on the wet bar, curtseying at the fireplace, scaling the shoe rack in the walk-in closet, and, of course, sipping fruity drinks on the roof deck.

There's a house in there somewhere.

It's got 3br/3ba, 2330 sq. ft., a late-80s home that boasts 8-car parking and an ocean peek.

They call it the "[b]est kept secret in Hermosa Hills," but maybe that's because no one can stand to look any further after the second or third appearance by Creepy Carrie.

Or here's a chilling thought: Maybe there are at least 15 Carries spread around the house. There's a public open coming up, but do you really want to find out?

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