The Cup's HB/MB Tour

By Dave Fratello | June 25th, 2012
Monday, Hermosa hosted the first big public South Bay rally with the Stanley Cup. Someone guesstimated the crowd at 10,000 before the Cup made its way to MB for an unannounced, closed celebration ceremony with dignitaries. 

How did this get started? Hermosa as the place for the great, unwashed masses, and MB as the place for the suits?

We can drum up a pretty good unwashed mass here if you let us!

Our pics from Monday are below, but first...

Stanley Cup at The Strand House • 6/24/12
Before Monday's events, the Cup made a nice little tour of MB on Sunday.

We're hearing that the Cup dropped in at the 900 Club midday Sunday, and we actually stumbled across the Cup later at the Strand House. (This is Dave's pic, snapped right before the heavy-breathing security guard gave a firm nudge to stay behind the rope line. Sorry, dude, it's for the internet!)

Cup outside Strand House via Twitter
A surprise tour of MB's higher-end bars and a closed-to-the-public ceremony with city leaders was not exactly what we envisioned as an opportunity for average residents to see and celebrate the Stanley Cup. But the sunny take would be: It was a start. 

The special affinity of the South Bay with the Kings is being recognized. No rallies planned so far in Rialto, Whittier, Long Beach, Encino, etc.

Monday morn we shuffled over to Hermosa for the Cup's triumphant ride down Pier Ave., caught some photos of the Pier Plaza rally and even the Cup's drive up The Strand toward MB. (All shared below.)

People camped along the MB Strand and by the MB Pier were disappointed when the Cup failed to appear.

We had gotten wind that there would be a small MB city event, and made it over to the police/fire complex in time to hear a burly officer warn off a Kings fan on a bike: "Sorry, it's a closed event. Move along."

Mayor + Dustin Brown @ MB Fire Station • 6/25/12
Not being real good at taking "no" for an answer, your blog author walked in purposefully to the "closed" MB event and wound up with a prime spot for a few photos there, too.

Kings captain – and MB resident – Dustin Brown was presented multiple plaques and awards by the mayor, the county and our congressperson. At some point the mayor tried to say there would be more and bigger events with the Cup in MB, but he was drowned out by emergency radio announcements and never quite completed the promise. 

There was talk of how everyone present could snap photos with the Cup, but soon the organizers seemed to get nervous that too many members of the general public were disrupting the flow. Mr. Brown marched into a private conference room with the Cup, and Dave heeded the call for "all non-city personnel to please exit the fire bay." Figured it was better to get out before they broke out the pepper spray. 

Jarret Stoll Holds the Cup on Pier Ave. in Hermosa • 6/25/12
Cup @ Pier Plaza Rally, Hermosa • 6/25/12
Cup @ Hermosa/MB Border • 6/25/12

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