Cutting Before the Fall Rush

By Dave Fratello | August 27th, 2019

Your listing ran all Summer. Maybe you had some showings and interest, maybe not.

The reality is, the local real estate market could change next week, and the field will likely look a lot different by mid-September. New listings are coming.

What do you do now?

About 10% of the listings on the market have cut just in just the past week.

Among them:

608 15th Street Manhattan Beach CA608 15th (5br/6ba, 5050 sqft.)

This was a Mediterranean and now has a Spanish flavor. Location very near Martyrs. Large home featuring some ocean views (for real).

This one was purchased for $4.438M in March '17 before some stylistic updates.

Launched early in 2019 at $5.300M, it has now made its 4th cut of the year (including a re-list) to $4.695M.

1411 Pacific Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1411 Pacific (4br/3ba, 2000 sqft.)

This is a charming throwback 1960s home with additions and very recent modernization to kitchen, baths and more.

Location across from Pacific school and close to town is compelling.

The start price of $2.299M in late June looked just about right, but Summer didn't produce a sale.

Now at $2.199M.

316 10th (4br/5ba, 4120 sqft.)

316 10th Street Manhattan Beach CAThis walkstreet modern has an extremely long history of trying to sell and not selling.

Last year, it was offered as a BK sale and everyone was assured this was really the time it was going to sell. No.

Earlier this year in 2 separate listings, it was offered and everyone was told this was truly the time.

In a way, someone was right. The bank bought it. The home foreclosed in early July, with the trustee's sale showing $3.357M.

Now it's an REO going to "auction," first listed at $4.429M and adjusted last week to $3.999M.

The BK listing last year was at $3.900M and that didn't trade. But they're trying again in different circumstances.

1021 33rd Street Manhattan Beach CA1021 33rd (5br/4ba, 4100 sqft.)

This is a unique Mediterranean-become-Spanish in a surprisingly private location on an unusual lot.

33rd St. in this case is a tiny segment where Ardmore meets Oak before the light at Sepulveda.

This one launched at $3.799M and has trimmed back to $3.299M over 7 weeks.

1305 Church Street Manhattan Beach CA1305 Church (4br/5ba, 3100 sqft.)

This custom Spanish beauty on a smallish South Martyrs lot is one of our favorite homes on the market in the past few months.

It's a specific fit but compelling.

Emerging in late June at $3.099M, it's now down to $2.899M after 2 months.

Oh and there's one outlier...

933 8th Street Manhattan Beach CA933 8th (5br/4ba, 3175 sqft.) has raised it price.

The fixer/lot sale in the Hill Section sold quickly early this year for $3.275M.

Perhaps the buyers changed their minds, because they became sellers.

They first listed the home for resale at $3.199M last week.

Then they changed strategy and price, raising it $400K to $3.599M. We'll see how that goes.

Below we'll display (on the website, not in email) all of the latest listings with price cuts in Manhattan Beach.

This list automatically updates.

Latest Price Cuts in Manhattan Beach

Address 235 N Dianthus Street BD/BA 5br/5ba SQFT 5152 sqft LOT 6501 PRICE $6,999,000 $PSF $1,359 DOM 94 DOM START $ $8,000,000 START 02/17/22
Address 2804 The Strand BD/BA 3br/4ba SQFT 2932 sqft LOT 3481 PRICE $13,499,000 $PSF $4,604 DOM 235 DOM START $ $16,499,000 START 09/29/21
Address 1323 17th Street 2 BD/BA 4br/4ba SQFT 3653 sqft LOT 7007 PRICE $2,250,000 $PSF $616 DOM 44 DOM START $ $2,495,000 START 04/08/22
Address 2617 Vista Drive BD/BA 4br/4ba SQFT 2630 sqft LOT 3494 PRICE $4,999,999 $PSF $1,901 DOM 48 DOM START $ $5,199,000 START 04/04/22
Address 845 11th Street BD/BA 5br/5ba SQFT 4315 sqft LOT 9938 PRICE $5,999,000 $PSF $1,390 DOM 62 DOM START $ $7,000,000 START 03/17/22
Address 1420 Elm Avenue BD/BA 5br/4ba SQFT 3432 sqft LOT 4203 PRICE $3,899,999 $PSF $1,136 DOM 31 DOM START $ $4,000,000 START 04/21/22
Address 1145 Fisher Avenue BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 5014 sqft LOT 3000 PRICE $5,495,000 $PSF $1,096 DOM 87 DOM START $ $5,795,000 START 02/24/22
Address 201 15th Street BD/BA 6br/3ba SQFT 2093 sqft LOT 2701 PRICE $3,799,000 $PSF $1,815 DOM 671 DOM START $ $4,550,000 START 04/22/20



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