Discussion of Market Updates for 7/15/07

By Dave Fratello | July 19th, 2007
The newest Manhattan Beach Market Update spreadsheets are now available, dated July 15, 2007.

Click here to download the PDF or go to our sister site, Manhattan Beach Market Update to read the discussion.

In sum, the Hill Section is flat, the Sand Section remains busy, and the Tree Section has officially separated into two completely different segments.

In the Trees, there were 8 sales of active listings under $1.6m (and another private lot sale at $1.2m), while absolutely nothing priced above $2m sold in the two-week period of the report. (There were 7 sales in the 4 weeks prior.)

With 5 new listings entering the $2m+ segment, we now have 3 out of 4 listings in the Trees (32 of 42) in that tier. And there are still 40+ homes in construction targeting that market.

MBC will return to the "Tree Section glut" story shortly.

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