DOM Snapshot

By Dave Fratello | June 4th, 2008
The MB Market Update spreadsheets are now available. Information in the current updates closed May 31.

Click here to download the 5/31/08 spreadsheets or, at any time, use the link in the upper-right corner of the front page.

We'll do our regular summaries by section soon, but first, here's something we noticed in finalizing the data in this report.

As the month of May came to a close, several listings entered new territory in their days on market, crossing over 100 DOM for the first time, or moving into a new category of multiple hundreds of days.

We'll forgo the customary Redfin links for these just to quickly show you who's moving where:

100+ DOM
1100 John
612 11th
701 Dianthus
815 2nd
131 Kelp
505 3rd
3212 Palm
3516 Palm
848 12th Ct.
794 27th
3500 Blanche
200+ DOM
473 31st
769 33rd
300+ DOM
2509 Walnut
400+ DOM
2509 Palm
500+ DOM
2611 Palm
600+ DOM
2812 Elm

Those last 5 are all in the Tree Section, 4 of them "new" homes – some getting to be less and less new as time marches on.

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