Don't Bet Against Anyone This Year

By Dave Fratello | March 11th, 2015

Let's say you're out at the track, and you see a horse that's never won a race queued up to go, dangling 99-to-1 odds. Tempting... Is this that pony's day?

But no, you probably go for the more likely 3- or 5-to-1 horse in the end.

Less than 2 weeks ago, one of those 99-to-1 horses came up for sale on the Manhattan Beach real estate market.

We called attention to 462 36th Place Manhattan Beach CA462 36th Place (2br/2ba, 1150 sq. ft.) only last week here in "Challenging Half Lots in the North End."

We called it "one of the more awkward remodels we've seen in recent years," and noted that it did not sell in 2011, when asking $925K, down to about $850K.

Now it was up at $1.275M – 50% more than it did not sell for in 2011.

But now it's 2015. And, as if you needed any more indicators that we are living in optimistic, go-go times in this market, this horse has just done something amazing: Sold before Day 14.

Now, the deal's not done, so we can't say they've crossed the finish line. Escrows can be bumpy rides, so we are careful never to get ahead of ourselves.

But still, if 462 36th Place can sell quickly...

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