Double the Sale in East MB

By Dave Fratello | May 9th, 2017

1165 Ronda Drive Manhattan Beach CAWhen 1155 and 1165 Ronda were first offered for sale last year, it was a special kind of offering at the very highest end.

Hence the $14.900M start price in April 2016, with reductions down to "only" $12.900M.

The property is really two lots in a hidden part of East Manhattan Beach, one with a main house (1155, to the right in this photo) and another (1165) acquired by those owners at some point for a guest house, monster garage and vast, grassy yard.

Nice acreage, if you can get it. (At 39,000+ sqft., the two parcels together do make up 90% of an acre.)

Last year's listing ran 8 months and sputtered out at year end. Sad story.

This year, a new agent brought out 1155 and 1165 Ronda as two separate offerings.

The 1155 listing is just the castle-like late-80s home, while 1165 incorporates that plus the second lot/guest house.

1155 Ronda Drive Manhattan Beach CAFor "just" the main house, prices ranged from $7.500M down to the most recent $6.900M asking.

For both lots/houses, asking has always been $11.500M. Call it $7M for the main house and $4.5M for the extra lot.

There are only so many buyers who could contemplate either purchase. These sorts of things take time to find the right match. 

But now, find the right match they did.

Both listings are now in escrow.

Given the way these have been listed, one assumes that it's the two-pack, both properties together, listed as 1165 Ronda, that's been purchased. (That's the one with the $11.500M pricetag.)

They've also posted 1155 in escrow, almost like a statistical 2-for-1. Due to the quirk of how these were listed, citywide inventory was higher by one than maybe was necessary, and it's now instantly lower by two.

1155 Ronda Drive Manhattan Beach CABut the big story here is that someone has seen the vision.

In a quiet corner of East Manhattan (come on, have you personally driven on Ronda?), almost an acre of beach area property that looks a bit like Brentwood or Beverly Hills will now change hands.

It's hard to imagine that the late-80s custom house is going to stay as-is, for that kind of money. And you might see something different happen with the second lot.

We say "you might see," but the truth is, if you don't go looking for it, you probably won't see.

No one sees this pocket of East Manhattan. It's as close to a safe place for an MB resident to go hide as there is in our little town. 

Well, bravo, Brentwood-by-the-Sea, you're going to have a new resident.

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