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By Dave Fratello | September 4th, 2008
Oh, they've got their share of re-lists east of Hwy. 1.

A new one is 1521 11th, a "new" home (circa 2007) that has logged 535 DOM officially (by the CDOM count) and 241 DOM on the last listing (S960222). It's "new" again now (S08127234), listed at $2.099m. (We don't have the start price from '07 – please share if you do.)

A quirk – look at that listing again (via Mr. MLS), down at the Assessor's Parcel Number (APN). It says
4164032019. That's quite boring, unless you look up the APN – try the LA County Assessor's site. Hey, that's not 1521 11th, it's 1525. Someone wake the neighbors: A builder is trying to sell your house!

Then there's the curious case of 2323 Herrin. First listed in August 2006 at $1,348,500. It was on and off for a while, then put up for auction in Summer 2007 at $975k. (We don't think that was the first auction – apparently a gimmick they keep trying.) That didn't work, and it went back to a regular old MLS listing at $1.299m. Fast forward to now – it's at $1.168m. Getting closer and closer to that come-on price from the auction...

Finally, not a re-list, just one from the grab bag – 1656 2nd. Here's a realtor-owned property that is priced completely flat against its Oct. 2005 price. Then: $1.5m. Now: $1.499m. Golly, folks, that's basically 3 years, zero appreciation. Maybe the listing will draw a bunch of overbids.

As before, please use this "East MB Bucket" thread to post information about all listings and goings-on east of Sepulveda, data, critiques, news, etc.

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