East MB Bucket (6)

By Dave Fratello | December 3rd, 2008
It has been too long since our last East MB Bucket. (See "East MB Bucket (5)" from October.)

Lots has happened back east since then, of course.

We note that the home at Marine/Aviation that we featured back then, 1856 Marine, has now dropped to $549k.

Say what you will, seeing any SFR in MB in the 500s is just a shocker.

Two of the failed auction homes were in EMB: 1211 11th is back at $1.799m (auction start: $1.450m) and 1405 Faymont (not currently active; was $1.399m at auction).

And then there's 1751 Nelson, a new home offered up this week at $2.199m (click address for more pics & details via Redfin).

Marketing materials might ask: Got columns?

This home has got a lot of them. Inside, outside. Tall, small. Even in the master bath.

Columns, columns, columns.

We'll go out on a limb here and say it seems that columns are largely an east/west phenomenon in MB. You see them east of Hwy. 1, and not so much to the west. Why is that?

We've got plenty of stapled-on stone, Mediter-Caliter-Tuscan-raneans west of Sepulveda, and plenty of Cape Cods, and all kinds of architectural clichés like that, but columns just haven't caught on. And for that, we're thankful.

But some people clearly love their columns. Builders build them, and they rake. Or, at least, they have raked.

As before, please use this "East MB Bucket" thread to post information about all listings and goings-on east of Sepulveda, data, critiques, news, etc., and, perhaps, columns.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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