Fence is Alright at 742 27th

By Dave Fratello | February 14th, 2008
When we wrote about 742 27th (see here and here) and ran a pricing poll about the home, one bit of feedback popped up in comments – a statement that the back yard fence at the home needed to be moved in by 2 feet or so due to a property line incursion.

This issue has come up repeatedly for the sellers ever since, to their surprise, because they were unaware of any problem.

They hired a professional survey firm to establish the position of the fence with regard to the property line. The verdict from that survey, completed last week and reported to MBC: No incursion – in fact, the fence position is "about as perfect as you can get" with respect to the property line.

Obviously the survey report is available to any potential buyer.

It's a great home, and we sincerely hope this issue no longer confounds anyone who is interested.

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