Fishbowl Sold?

By Dave Fratello | July 27th, 2007
Let's be clear here, MBC is pleased to see willing sellers and willing buyers meet and reach a deal. We're mostly focused on pricing.

So it is in a spirit of celebration that we note that 300 N. Dianthus now sports a "SOLD" sign. The entry on the MLS hasn't been updated yet, but that will surely come.

Start price (4/12/07): $4.495m.

Last list: $4.295m.

When MBC first wrote about this home, what drew our notice was the gaping flaw in an otherwise beautiful home – a poorly located master bedroom. (There were some other quirks we didn't get into much.) Our point was that there ought to be some kind of discount for that.

It would appear the discount was at least $200k (a paltry 4%), perhaps more. When we get the final word we'll publish that.

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