Forecast Forum (5/20-)

By Dave Fratello | May 20th, 2009
What does the future hold?

70 degrees and sunny. You can almost bank on that.

The actual weather forecast for MB the next few days is 69-71, with the occasional fogginess of June Gloom arriving early.

Keep a sweatshirt handy.

4.7 and 4.0. Those were the sizes of recent earthquakes. (Our pic is a shake map via USGS.)

You know, they don't predict earthquakes. Still, for armchair forecasters, it's a little bit reassuring to see that all the activity on these recent quakes is on the "Newport-Inglewood fault," several miles inland, and not the Palos Verdes Fault or the Redondo Canyon fault just offshore. Every once in a while we get a 3-4 point bump off Redondo Canyon, but there are none forecast any time soon.

36%!?! California home prices are down, and ratings agency Fitch says there's a whole lot more down to come. In a new forecast, the group says California will lead the way nationally over the next 12-18 months with a further 36% drop in home prices.

Another third-plus off prices by year-end 2010?

That's the forecast.

Bigger picture: California, the state, the almost-nation, oh man, it's not looking good. A series of purported budget fixes flamed out Tuesday, and now here comes the axe.

The forecast is for grim, brutal budget cuts touching everything. Shorten the school year, release prisoners, let the roads go to pot(holes). And fire all the state employees. Could this affect quality of life? Forecast says yes.

No one is talking about the real solution: Secession and a new currency. Then we could print our way out of the problem. An idea for another day.


Please provide your forecasts on any topic, or just use this week's "Open Forum" thread for news clips, off-topic questions & discussions of (virtually) any nature. Keep it clean.

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