From the Fridge to Plans

By Dave Fratello | August 1st, 2008
It's not often that you see a child's drawings in a home listing.

Rarer still is the case when a crayola sketch is the only graphic or photo offered in a listing.

But that's what you get right now with 1023 10th, a prospective lot flip OR new home sale in the Hill Section. (Click for sketch & details via Redfin.)

The lot was offered in October last year at $1.239m, and the current owner picked it up for a tad less – $1.2m, in a sale that closed in February. At that point, Junior set to work designing his dream house (we kid!) and the project is about ready to get under way.

But, if you'll give the new owner a little premium – $165k more than he paid earlier this year – you can take the lot for yourself.

Alternatively, if you like the way this home might look – the sketch was handed off to an architect for more serious design – then it can be yours for $2.850m. (The home will be 5br/6ba and 4225 sq. ft.)

Worth a note – just a few doors east, right next door to the main Post Office loading docks, a brand-new home sold last year for $1.950m. That one, 1043 10th, is only a bit smaller (5br/4ba, 3950 sq. ft.). The mid-block location for 1023 10th is an improvement, but a $900k improvement? Hmmm...

Why lock in at today's price when you can get a discount next year?

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