'Gateway' Returning?

By Dave Fratello | March 3rd, 2010
By appearances, the "Gateway to Manhattan Beach" at 4419 Highland will soon join the active listings in MB again.

Several readers have noted the appearance of a for-sale sign at the property, at the corner of 45th/Highland. (That pic on the right is old; different agent now.) Agents may be entering the MLS data now.

MBC posted a little appreciation for the property in "Goodbye to an Old Friend" in late September 2008, as the property rented out. (Maybe more of an appreciation for the endless copy that the property had provided; plenty of links in that story.) For the 500 days or so before renting out, the brand-new SFR had been for sale, with no takers.

Why no takers? The reasons were legion:
  • Location. Wow, what a location. Beach-close. Chevron-close. Traffic-close.
  • Weird trapezoidal lot, with correspondingly odd trapezoidal layout. 
  • Frightening rooms facing oncoming traffic. 
  • Actual traffic accidents that have knocked out the fire hydrant at the corner at least twice since the home was completed – and that's just the cases we have pictures of (see here and here). Some of the stapled-on stone impacted by the water had recently come un-stapled.
The original ambition for this misguided speckie was to fetch $1.695m in June 2007.

When last we saw it active in Fall 2008, The Gateway was at $1.265m.

Any bets on where they'll start this time?

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