Got Photos?

By Dave Fratello | April 18th, 2014

If you're browsing Manhattan Beach real estate online, you probably want to see the houses, right?

Now here at MBC we've got a new way to see the photos for a listing.

With one click, you can get all of the photos displayed instantly, near full size.

Click our new "Open All Images" icon above the main photo on any property page.

In a blink, the full set of photos, from 1-35 total, will unfurl immediately right below.

Click on any photo within the set for the maximum size display.

One click: All photos.

One click: Bigger.

Try it with one of these listings: 537 21st, 1606 18th or 906 9th.

It's just another small improvement here as we try to constantly enhance MB Confidential.

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