Great Streets: 7th Street (Sand)

By Dave Fratello | May 21st, 2008
Seventh Street in the South End is one of those fabled Manhattan Beach walkstreets. As much or more than others, this one is a kid's paradise.

7th is a flat stretch that goes all the way from Crest to Valley – no break at Ingleside. On a recent stroll we counted no fewer than 3 playhouses, 4 basketball hoops (of varying sizes) and a tetherball post in the walkstreet. It's a playground.

7th boasts a number of beach cottages that are well-kept and have preserved their original charm. Many of the entrances are warm and welcoming, embracing the walkstreet. (We cringe when we see walkstreet homes that are tucked behind fences or don't have a patio or deck fronting the public areas – why bother being on a walkstreet?)

On 7th, you'll also see a handful of new homes that are designed to take the utmost advantage of the location.

One home in particular is notable for how most of a whole wall on the ground floor opens out onto the front yard, which continues out onto the walkstreet without interruption.

The flat south end walkstreets are super kid-friendly, but as we've heard from current and former residents, they're not for everyone.

Some say that once their kids have grown older they'd rather live in a more mellow location. We don't take this as anti-kid so much as pro-peace-and-quiet.

The adults get their share of fun, too, though – the extraordinary, raucous Halloween activities on these South End blocks are a major draw, with plenty of parties for grown-ups alongside the trick-or-treating.

For its charm, family appeal, and easy access to the beach and downtown, 7th Street is one of MB's Great Streets.

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