A Happy Holiday on Pine

By Dave Fratello | July 4th, 2007
You'll have to excuse the sellers of 2305 Pine if they get a bit lubricated and shoot off a few extra fireworks this holiday... they're in escrow.

It's been 4+ months – not too unusual these days. More interestingly, they sold despite being one of the first listings this year to try increasing their price.

Yes, 8 days after hitting the market, they went up from $1.495m to$1.595m. As MBC said at the time: "It seems anyone who missed it in the first week was expected to pay a penalty." Four more months unfurled with no sale, but perhaps some second-guessing.

It could be a month or more before we learn whether the Pine sellers got their old price, or their new price.

This is the second of three Tree Section homes to try the price-increase tactic to now be sold. The first ended less well – 2507 Valley chopped off the extra $100k they had added, then dropped $200k+ more to make a deal, a short sale at that.

The other price-increaser, 579 29th, repented of their trickery and dropped $150k last week, putting them $50k under the most recent list at $2.369m (-$206k from first asking).

We'll return to the mysteries of Tree Section pricing soon, but till then, please, all, enjoy a safe & happy 4th.

UPDATE: This story has been amended to reflect a recent price drop at 579 29th.

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