High/Low Sales of 2019: Sand Section

By Dave Fratello | January 28th, 2020

Let's continue looking back at the year that was.

This time, we're focused on 2019 Sand Section sales of note.

High Sales

We've already discussed the top two sales in the Sand Section in an early-January post. (See "'Only' 2 Properties Over $10M in 2019.")

The top sale was 317 17th (6br/10ba, 11,900 sqft.), which we called "a triple-lot Vegas mega mansion" on a walkstreet near downtown. 317 17th closed in March for $16.000M.

The runner-up, and one and only other sale in Manhattan Beach in 2019 over $10M, was 816 The Strand, largely a lot-value proposition. It closed for $11.775M in January 2019.

So it's the third-highest we'll look to here in a bit more detail.

329 17th (4br/7ba, 5350 sqft.) boasts a 1.5x size lot, 4050 sqft.

The huge new home was completed last year and sold off-market for $9.725M. (The link above takes you to Zillow to see the property details. Just 2 exterior photos.)

How interesting that 2 of the top sales of the year were next-door neighbors!

The back story on the lot also is a bit interesting.

The lot was first purchased for $3.740M, before a run-up in values on the walkstreets east of Highland. The lot later resold, without changes, in Jan. 2017 for $4.650M. (See "How to Make $700K Doing Nothing.")

120 5th Street Manhattan Beach CAAnother high sale came through early in the year at 120 5th (4br/6ba, 5000 sqft.).

This is a sizable '04 build with recent updates. There's something extra that brought the sale price to $9.600M.

The listing referred to "enhanced height restricted views." Basically, there had been a deal made years before with the neighbor to the west (116 5th) that limits what can be built in the main view corridors for 120 5th. (We got a chance to review the paperwork, and it looked solid.)

One more ocean-view beauty to mention: 212 16th (4br/5ba, 4100 sqft.) was new construction below Highland. It sold for $8.395M in May 2019.

The highest-priced townhome sale in 2019 was at 304 3rd (4br/4ba, 2650 sqft.).

This was a 2017 build that actually sold twice within the year 2019, first for $4.600M in May and then, quickly, again in October for $4.750M.

Because, you know, plans change.


Low Sales

330 41st Street B Manhattan Beach CAThe minimum price of entry into the Sand Section in 2019 was $899K.

That was the sale price on a 1br/1ba, ~800 sqft. condo at 330 41st, Unit B.

The ocean-view unit was described as an "Adorable Surfer's Retreat," and here we're assuming what's "adorable" is the retreat, although possibly also the (hypothetical) surfer.

This was one of 10 total properties in Manhattan Beach to sell below $1M in 2019, and the only one in the Sand Section.

In 2018, with no smallish properties like this sold, the lowest sale had been $1.285M.

463 36th Place Manhattan Beach CASecond-lowest sale of 2019 was closer to that level: 463 36th Place (2br/2ba, 1000 sqft.), with ocean views to the north over Rosecrans.

Asking $1.249M at first, it closed for $1.150M.

The lowest-priced SFR sold in the Sand Section last year was the half-lot cottage at 1517 Crest (3br/2ba, 1300 sqft.).

Launched at $1.799M, the listing ran a few months and rebooted at a lower price, then sold for $1.699M.

225 39th Street Manhattan Beach CAIn El Porto west of Highland, the lowest-priced SFR was 225 39th (3br/3ba, 1600 sqft.), a nice remodel that is situated across from the "Hot Pink Emoji House," and continues to stare at the murals (or whatever you call them) on that building.

Asking $1.995M originally, it closed for $1.900M.

(The Emoji House is a duplex at 216 39th, and has been in escrow a while. Last asking price was $1.550M; acquisition price was $1.350M in March 2018. We'll see.)






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