How About a Big 12?

By Dave Fratello | May 29th, 2014

There are few homes west of Highland that are bigger than 201 18th (5br/7ba, 7900 sq. ft.).

There are even fewer sale prices that are bigger than – or even near – the $12.000M just paid for the property. The sale closed Wednesday.

That's a Strand-worthy price for a home that's several doors up from The Strand.

It just happens to be on one of the coolest sloping walkstreets in all of Manhattan Beach, winding 18th St.. The home sprawls across one and a half lots on this prime terrain.

(For our quick video walk along 18th, see this post or use this link to the brief video.)

A tax records search seems to show only two higher prices west of Highland – including one right at the bottom of the same block, at 1800 The Strand (5br/7ba, 5330 sq. ft.), which sold off-market in March 2011 for $12.250M.

The biggest number we find in the Sand Section west of Highland came this year (of course!) at 1420/22 The Strand, which went for $12.500M in March this year. The buyer just wants the dirt to build new.

Two other Strand homes sold near $11M: 3300 The Strand in Feb. 2013 for $10.995M and a modern at 1600 The Strand ($10.900M in April 2011) that later had a lot of work done.

But when you get up off The Strand, you'll typically find 2700-3000 sq. ft. plots and homes around 4000-4300 sq. ft.

Top sales along the lower walkstreets include a new "smart home" at 117 30th (5br/5ba, 4050 sq. ft.) sold new last October for $5.895M, fully furnished and tricked-out 128 5th at $5.850M in June 2012 and a new construction 'Plantation' home at 132 16th sold during construction for $5.750M in February this year.

With the extra 1.5x lot size at 201 18th, they not only took advantage and built more home – they dug down to build even more. The end result is nearly 8000 sq. ft. of living space. With almost double the interior space of a typical lower-walkstreet home, you can start to see why the sale price reached double the top sales.

The final piece is the style.

The architects are known for warm/modern stylings and extraordinary "statement" homes. This is one. (Click here for the listing, and click "open all images" above the photo to see the whole set at once.)

This home gave us the sense of a posh, woodsy resort, where you might just as likely be stepping outside to grab your skis as you would be to shuffle barefoot down to the sand. Stone, wood and glass are all shown off in their own ways, no one element overpowering the other. There's a certain modesty to the extraordinary, open home.

The only truly showy part: An elaborate wine cellar with what seemed like catacombs for storing endless supplies of the finest fruit of the vine. A large tasting room is surrounded by the see-through glass doors of the cellar.

There's great indoor/outdoor living, including a covered view patio on the top level, a wide-open first-floor family room opening to the walkstreet patio and a nice space off the master. An ocean-view office space attached to the master sure would tempt one to work at home.

And though the home has that echo of a luxe mountain cabin, there's a profoundly functional mud room with its own entry – call it a sand room. That's complete with an open shower and laundry, all the easier to rinse off right upon your return from the beach, and stuff the suits and towels in to be washed.

All of that, put together, should be worth about... $12M.

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