It Remains Unpredictable

By Dave Fratello | August 22nd, 2008
Fully 7 months ago, when first we reviewed 923 1st in the Hill Section, the title on MBC's story was "Unpredictable."

The point then was that the home itself was full of surprises. It's completely unlike any layout we've seen around town, though perhaps in line with homes on bluffs in Malibu or in the Hollywood hills.

It turns out, the price on this one has been a moving target as well, with cuts and bumps and cuts and bumps along the way:
  • Jan. 9: $7.998m
  • March 26: $7.595m (-$403k)
  • April 28: $7.375m (-$220k)
  • May 6: $7.595m (+$220k)
  • May 29: $7.350m (-$245k)
  • July 31: $7.150m (-$200k)
  • Aug. 15: $7.350m (+$200k)
That's right, twice now the listing has reversed price discounts of $200k or so.

Once, the cut lasted less than 10 days, while the more recent chop lasted 2 weeks. No magic? Reverse the cut!

MBC readers recently ranked 923 1st as the least likely out of 3 specific listings to drop down to $6m any time soon. (See "Results: First to $6m.") That was a bit prescient – it's the only 1 of those 3 to increase its price since then.

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