Kickin' It Old World

By Dave Fratello | March 10th, 2010
You've seen the Caliterraneans, the Spanishes and the Cape Cods.

But inside, maybe you're saying, "ehhh." They're not your thing.

You missed out on Monticello. You can't handle contemporary.

So have you considered a trip to the Old World?

Maybe you need the kind of home style that would set Hansel and Gretel at ease. Or that might make yours the can't-miss Oktoberfest each year.

MB's got some of these, too.

One of the newest options is 456 27th, a sweet new listing up on the plateau.

The home's got a serious Old World look. The description labels it a "tutor home." (Can a home make you smarter? Or maybe they mean Tudor.)

Kidding aside, the listing pics ooze charm, particularly the kitchen, very inspired, modern, European. You hope the reality is as nice as the photos.

As plateau streets go, 27th is one of the quietest. The home is one we can't wait to see and direct readers to this weekend. Start price: $1.690m.

Worth noting: In just 8 days on market 2 years ago, without a sale, the property was offered for $1.950m.

Still hanging around for a while now is 435 10th (4br/3ba, 2025 sq. ft.), which began in October (Oktober?) at $1.799m, posted a deal but returned.

10th is newly down to $1.499m, beckoning flat walkstreet shoppers with a tolerance for tile and strong resistance to the run-of-the-mill.

As we said recently, 10th is unusual enough to turn away any number of buyers, but the right family could love it.

2701 Maple is another new offering with that throwback flair. In fact, the listing claims the home "won an architectural award when built" (in 1983). So imagine a very big blue ribbon.

If you've walked or driven by the home over the years, the style has surely drawn your eye, just as it did the members of the academy.

Inside, Maple's got that pre-ZORP hugeness (4br/4ba, 4000 sq. ft.) that you just don't get in newer Tree Section homes, with no less of a yard than you would get under today's codes.

The home's also modernized in just the right ways – you don't want a 1980s kitchen any more than you want a 1480s kitchen, right? No problem here.

Maple starts at $1.825m, a distinctly modern price, but you know, we can't have everything the way it used to be.

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