King & Queen Open Up

By Dave Fratello | March 6th, 2009
About 6 months ago, MBC took note of the completion of two big, distinctive homes on a formerly sleepy block known as Fisher Ave.

We dubbed the new homes the Fisher King (1212 Fisher, pictured) and Queen (1208 Fisher), the hierarchy here tied to the fact that the King has the 50% bigger lot and somewhat bigger home (click to see our story from then).

Since that time, the homes have gotten ooohs and aahhhs, a nice LA Times "Home of the Week" plug, but no bites. The King has chopped $700k to $5.295m, and the Queen has shed $1m from her asking price, now at $3.999m.

At long last, the King & Queen are inviting the rabble to view these castles by the sea. This Sunday, 1-4pm, both homes will be open to the public for the first time. They add to the proliferation of great homes to view, a phenomenon MBC noted just last weekend.

All is not perfect in the kingdom. MBC speculated in our prior piece that, if all went well with the King & Queen, the next candidate for a bulldozing would be neighboring 1204 Fisher. It was scooped up at about the same time as the lots for 1208 and 1212 by the same developers. And this would become The Jack.

Alas, as you may note from the live link above, the developers will be unloading 1204 Fisher instead. The start price ($1.575m) concedes that the peak price for dirt on this block has come and gone – the home and lot were acquired for $1.7m in June 2005.

The 1929-vintage little red brick house (2/1, 850 sq. ft.) may survive a bit longer. Or not. The listing also suggests that 1204 Fisher might make a nice yard for the Queen – a package deal. If that's what the queen wants, she may get it.

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