Lakers Coach Quits MB

By Dave Fratello | March 20th, 2015

Remember the Lakers?

It's a purple and gold basketball team that plays in downtown LA.

116 25th Street Manhattan Beach CAGoing back only 2 years ago, the Lakers' new coach bought a spectacular house in Manhattan Beach. That's 116 25th (5br/5ba, 5000 sq. ft.), running the long way along the 25th St. walkstreet, with views over the Strand homes in front.

Sale price in April 2013: $6.900M.

After that, the wheels came off.

The 2013-14 season concluded for the Lakers just 11 months ago, with the team posting a depressing 27-55 record. The long knives were out, aiming for the coach. He quit before they could fire him, negotiating a departure.

Not quite a year later, now it's time to unload that beach house that had been so convenient for trips to the El Segundo practice facility.

The asking price on the resale of 116 25th: $9.800M.

That's a 42% markup on the 2013 acquisition, or a simple $2.9M.

At least something related to the Lakers is looking up.

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