A Little Crow

By Dave Fratello | October 12th, 2011
When you're wrong, you're wrong, and it may be best to say so. Y'gotta eat a little crow.

So, yes – a month ago, when we seemed to be betting against the newest version of the listing at 305 18th (see "Quick Change, Small Change"), we didn't really think they'd cut a deal fairly quickly while listed at $2.189m.

But they just did.

In the prediction business, this is what happens sometimes.

Bravo to the seller and agent. They posted a deal Tuesday.

This might also be a good time to mention a certain Tree Section listing.

That would be 1717 Pine (4br/2ba, 2325 sq. ft.), which we called "a difficult house" that had forced us to invent the word "differenter." We also called it:

a classic case of what happens to some older homes (this one being a 1949 original) that get added onto or "updated" in phases or as-the-mood-strikes, without much of an overall design.
These were fair interpretations, but if we imagined that no one would want such a challenging house, we were wrong. Though the listing cut quickly from $1.350m to $1.295m, it also found a buyer in just about 2 weeks.

This, somewhere after the phrase "CAPE COD MODERN" was added to the start of the listing description. (Is that what it is?)

Out of all the homes in MB to make a deal recently, there are no 2 more surprising than those above.

However, we realize that we never mentioned one other that may be of interest...

That's 116 Terraza (7br/10ba, 9900 sq. ft. on a 24,000 sq. ft. lot), the East MB manse with the motor court that began in Fall 2009 at $10m.

$10m was not going to happen. On that one, at least, we were certain.

A very, very long time later, with the price down to $5.999m and a new agent – well, "new" as of Oct. 2010 – the mini-estate made a deal in September this year.

No one ever said this one wouldn't sell – but it was never going to be a $10m property. Sometimes predictions are easy.

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