Masons Would Frown

By Dave Fratello | July 16th, 2008
Faux stone veneers can make or break the look of a new home or remodel. (See "Stapled-On Stone" Part I and Part II.)

We recently passed an example of poor stone work that caused a double-take on a drive-by.

This new home features two pillars on either side of the walkway to the front door. But one of these pillars is not like the other, and vice versa. (This pic merges 2 separate photos; click to enlarge.)

Using the same materials, the crew installing the faux stone took different approaches to each pillar.

Each would be an individual. One would be more naturalistic, with a mix of stone sizes and widths. The other would go with the sleeker, moderne look, with much thinner veneers tightly packed together. (And slightly uneven, for an extra touch.)

If you're the homeowner, wouldn't you want these pillars to match, style-wise?

Maybe this sounds old-fashioned, but there used to be whole legions of stone masons who prided themselves in their work and their attention to detail. Aesthetics were part of the work, but function was a big part, too.

Now that function is out the window, aesthetics rule. And here's the problem – the aesthetic sense of things may vary from one member of your builder's crew to the next.

This is what can happen at the micro level of a construction project if no one is watching the details. Buyers, and homeowners, beware.

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