MBC Breaks a Million (Or More)

By Dave Fratello | October 24th, 2011
We just got some interesting news from The Google.

One meeeeeeellion pageviews!
MBC has officially crossed the 1 million pageview threshold.

A million is a lot, unless you're buying a house in MB, right?

As the little graphic below shows, we actually went over the 1 million mark a few days ago, and are now 13k above the line. Pretty cool.

We're taking note of this about 4 1/2 years into our run here online, and we're not going to belabor the point that a lot has changed since March 2007.

We got to looking at this number in more detail, however, and with our always-skeptical take on data, we could see that something did not add up right.

Divide a million visits by 4 1/2 years, and that's about 615 pageviews per day. Not bad, but just yesterday, according to Google – which hosts MBC on the Blogger platform – we had several times that many pageviews.

A closer look at the numbers, and we see that Google actually seemed to start counting midway through 2009, more than 2 years after MBC launched. (Maybe they re-listed MBC around then and reset the clock?)

To find an accurate count, we tried to ask our long-time data tracking service, GetClicky.com, but when we suggested a date range of March 2007-present, their servers froze up and the system acted like we hadn't made that request. And Clicky measures a lot of things, but nothing called "pageviews," so we weren't sure which comparative data we might have used to gauge against Google's 1 million figure.

In all of this talk of traffic data, we don't really know how email subscribers are counted. There are a few hundred of you getting MBC in your inbox each day. (To join the email list, click here.) So is there a Google "pageview" associated with that? Doubtful.

Maybe the only things fuzzier than real estate stats are internet stats, and here we are dealing with both in the same place.

At least we're sure of a few things: We're over a million. There are a bunch of you out there reading MBC. We're thankful for your attention. And we'll keep charging ahead.

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