More Late Summer Deals

By Dave Fratello | August 26th, 2010
Late August continues to surprise with a nice little run of sales activity. It's as if they don't deliver newspapers with worrisome news in town.

Here are a few more new deals of note (as always, click any highlighted address for more pics & details via Redfin):

2104 John (5br/5ba, 3980 sq. ft.) is a big, newer Spanish on a wider-than-normal lot (5700 sq. ft.). Its debut at $2.599m seemed a stretch, but it's got a deal now after less than 6 weeks.

The layout and look of the newer (2002) build is familiar if you know recent Tree Section homes, though each room is just a tad larger than expected.

John made just one price cut to $2.499m before popping up in escrow.

Much, much longer in the tooth was 1011 Pacific, a big (6br/5ba, 6875 sq. ft.) ocean-view home that first came out in Sept. 2008 – yes, nearly 2 years ago – for $5.995m. It's mostly been for sale the whole time since, with some breaks.

Only time could whittle away at those outsized ambitions, and it did. With an Aug. 2004 acquisition price of $3.975m, the home trickled ever-so-gradually down to its last list price, $3.650m – a whopping $2.345m off its start and -$325k/-8% from its purchase price 6 years ago.

Back in the Trees, we see 2908 Laurel and 622 Rosecrans each has a deal.

In a "Weekend Opens" review in mid-June, MBC said Laurel (3br/3ba, 1985 sq. ft.) "offers one of the more attractive combinations of location, size, condition and price to come along in a while among lower-end Tree Section homes."

But it's imperfect, too – the upside-down layout seems odd and, as we noted, "the downstairs baths show their age, hardwood floors need a sanding and maybe you'd like a kitchen that's more 21st century."

Laurel took about 7 weeks to find a buyer, with a little cut from $1.249m to $1.199m when a deal posted.

622 Rosecrans (3br/2ba, 1500 sq. ft.) ran for 6 months starting last October without a buyer. It restarted in late July and has a deal now.

In an early-August "Weekend Opens" review, MBC called it "a pleasant surprise," lauding the snazzy upgrades and adding, "[w]ithout overstating it, the home feels bigger than its 1500 sq. ft. and the lot bigger than its 3625 sq. ft. There's more to like here than you'd imagine at first for a smallish home on Rosecrans."

Someone else agreed, jumping on the property at its new price of $1.095m. Its previous listing was barely higher at $1.160m.

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