Mrs. MBC's Xmas List

By Dave Fratello | December 24th, 2007
Shopping? Browsing? Looking to upgrade? It's that time of year!

At MBC, if we were inclined to shake everything up a lot and try to grant all of Mrs. MBC's wishes, we might consider (click hyperlinked addresses for details via Redfin):
  • New home: 516 24th (Sand Section) (pictured) – a true "beach house" with a cohesive style and smart family layout; draws in light beautifully; surprising treetop views to boot;
  • Resale home: 916 9th (Hill Section) – a recently canceled listing (maybe to return); still one of our favorites for its vast great room/back yard combo; we could probably get over some 80s oddities for the right price (click here for MBC's story from October);
  • Major rebuild: 408 6th (Sand Section) – nothing wrong with this mid-block, walkstreet location, but we'd rebuild and reorient the house toward the street, and update it in general– kinda tough if you start at $2.5m; or
  • Teardown/lot: 3009 Poinsettia (Tree Section)there are pros and cons to the Tree Section, but this block is a little dreamy... even better not to get stuck with the same-old, same-old layout by building yourself.
Maybe not this year, though.

We'll take what we've got – great home, healthy family, peace.

And we wish the same for you.

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