A New Look

By Dave Fratello | September 29th, 2009

New drapes. New sheets. A new tablecloth. Maybe a new comfy chair.

Sometimes you need to mix things up to make the same old cozy home feel like something new.

And that's what we've done here at MBC.

Our oft-rumored cyber makeover is complete, at least the big stuff.

We're not so sad to see the old block-print, standard-issue, ham-handedly-edited blog template go by the wayside. Your blog author is no design genius, and happily handed off the real work of website design to a professional.

We're doing a couple more things common to other websites.

MBC is active now on Twitter. Click to go to our profile page and begin to "follow," or use the "MBC on Twitter" tab on the front page, or, at any time, use the Twitter option under the "Subscribe" pull-down menu at the top.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we also launched the new online version of the MB Market Update spreadsheets. The next version of that feature (the 9/30 update) is around the corner, and, as was previously suggested, we may soon go to a more real-time, regularly updated version.

MBC email subscribers will notice a change, too – the daily emails will begin to use the new post titles. What's that? You're not signed up? Click here for the daily email (main blog content, only on days with new posts), or, at any time, use the "Subscribe" pull-down menu above.

The look of all this is nice, the work remains interesting, and it's principally a hobby. Your interest and feedback keep MBC going.

Enjoy & explore the redesign, and let us know about any problems in the comments on this post or in private email to the blog author: mbwatcher [at] gmail.com

We don't ask for much, but please email a friend or two today about MBC on occasion of our redesign. Sorry, no fancy form email for you to fill out – you'll have to do it old-school. Thanks.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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