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By Dave Fratello | January 31st, 2020

East Manhattan already has a new record sale price here in 2020.

Now it's the Sand Section's turn.

3517 Bayview Drive Manhattan Beach CAAt 3517 Bayview, a developer has achieved something no prior seller has before.

They've sold a new 3br/4ba, 3000 sqft. ocean-view townhome for $5.650M. (The sale was arranged off-market, before completion.)

It's now the first-ever Sand Section townhome to sell for more than $5.600M off The Strand.

(This architectural rendering is the only photo; the subject is the rear/top unit. And no, there aren't gardens on either side of the property in real life. Currently.)

This sale beats the prior record-holder by $75K.

That was 703 Bayview (4br/4ba, 2950 sqft.), which leapt to the head of the pack in April 2017 with a sale at $5.575M. (Photo is from 703 Bayview's ocean-view living room.)

703 Bayview bested the $4.650M resale price of 2013-built 611 Bayview (3br/4ba, 2720 sqft.), overall a similar property in that both 703 and 611 feature large elevated decks with big ocean views. 611 Bayview grabbed that $4.650M in Feb. 2016.

And in between sales of those two South End townhomes on Bayview, a glitzy city modern TH at 100 Manhattan Ave. sold for $4.900M.

And rounding out the top tier of Sand Section townhome sales, we cannot ignore 2019's big sale of new construction at 2413 Bayview (3br/4ba, 2780 sqft.) at $5.500M. In some ways, 3517 Bayview was really comping off of that one.

Boy, that's a lot of Bayview. For good reason. All of these Bayview units enjoy huge views because of the slope coming up off of Manhattan Ave. That geographical feature puts the rear (senior) unit up high, with a deck high over other homes enjoying ocean views.

Maybe the only surprise about the new top sale is that it's so far north.

The South End has this thing about being so prestigious, it's expected for the top sale to be south of the pier. Well, not right now.

For those of you who prefer the top-10 list format, here you go.

Top Sales of Sand Section Townhomes

(Non-Strand Locations)

1. 3517 Bayview ($5.650M)

2. 703 Bayview ($5.575M)

3. 2413 Bayview ($5.500M)

4. 400 27th ($5.100M)

5. 100 Manhattan Ave. ($4.900M)

6. 304 3rd, Oct. 2019 ($4.750M)

7. 611 Bayview ($4.650M)

8. 304 3rd, May 2019 ($4.600M)

9. 300 25th ($4.500M)

10. 704 Manhattan Ave. ($4.450M)


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