Not Just Another Big East MB Sale

By Dave Fratello | May 1st, 2014

There aren't many houses in MB like 1501 9th, a super custom Tuscan on a massive corner lot.

How big is it?

Six bedrooms, 10 baths, and almost 8500 sq. ft.

The corner lot is 12,280 sq. ft., almost a double size lot if you count the standard East MB lot as 7500 sq. ft. (It would be nearly 3 lots in the Tree Section.) Call it a third of an acre. (In MB we rarely get to even mention the word "acre.")

For that big house, they've been asking for a big price. In listings on and off dating back to 2009, the property has been listed for as much as $6.500M and as "little" as $4.895M. However, it never sold and has apparently served as a high-end rental.

The 2014 listing began at $5.995M, consistent with those past listings. The sale, however, has now posted at $4.500M.

This sale becomes only the 6th sale over $4M east of Sepulveda, and since two of those sales are the same house, it's only the 5th house to sell over $4M.

There are only two recent listings to compare this one to: 106 Terraza Place (6br/7ba, 7300 sq. ft., 19,250 sq. ft. lot), which sold earlier this year for $6.500M, and 1240 5th St. (6br/7ba, 10,000 sq. ft., 15,000 sq. ft. lot) up now at $7.999M.

The 5th St. house would be looking to beat its own record – it was previously the highest sale ever in East Manhattan at $5.860M in June 2006.

You can never say never, having seen 1501 9th succeed on its fourth try on the market.

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