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By Dave Fratello | August 14th, 2020

If you want inside info on what's coming to market or available off-market, typically you need your own local broker (like Dave) to help guide you and serve as your eyes and ears.

But now you can also get a direct look at Coming Soon properties in Manhattan Beach right here on MB Confidential.

Thanks to a very recent change in the MLS system rules, we can now display "Coming Soon" listings here on the site.

We're excited to be the first to offer this feature.

We can't find another competing website locally that displays all "coming soon" listings in the market. None of the big "utility" websites - Zillow, or Redfin - shows them. Right now, MBC is your sole source.

What's a 'Coming Soon' Listing?

The past year has seen a multitude of changes to MLS systems and rules, but for now, we'll stick to what "coming soon" is and how it works. (Dave is the South Bay representative on the CRMLS Rules Committee, immersed in policies and all these changes over the past several months. We nerd out on rules.)

"Coming Soon" is a new MLS status for home listings. Generally speaking, a listing that is marketed now must be in the MLS system. The "Coming Soon" status was added as an option for marketing new and upcoming listings before they are ready to show.

A listing may be presented online and marketed in other ways for up to 21 days, never accumulating any "Days on Market" during this "coming soon" period.

There is one important and non-negotiable limitation: No showings during "coming soon."

The "coming soon" option is a chance for the seller to present a property, build some "buzz" around it and finish getting it ready for showing when the time is right. Some call this "pre-marketing" before an official MLS launch, although you have to admit, it's pretty much marketing. You just can't go.

For buyers, a "coming soon" listing might be the spark that gets you into motion, has you call your agent (like Dave), your lender, family and friends to say, "I like this one. Let's try to get it." Then, when the house is really ready, you'll be ready, too.

How Do I See 'Coming Soon' Listings?

As we began this post, there were 5 "coming soon" listings in Manhattan Beach. The number has been as high as 7 this week, and as low as 2 listings. Look at the bottom of this post, where we will display all coming soon listings that are live whenever you view this post. (Yes, come back any time, it'll be updated.)

Our search function on MBC now includes the option to search for "Coming Soon" properties.

Just pull down the "Price/Status" option and check the box for "Coming Soon" like this:

See All South Bay 'Coming Soon' Listings

Our feed of property listings here at MBC includes the whole South Bay. We've created the following search links that you can use right now to find "coming soon" properties all around us.

Save links to these pages, or come back to this post any time. We're working on adding them to our menus.

Coming Soon in All South Bay

Coming Soon in Manhattan Beach

Coming Soon in Hermosa Beach

Coming Soon in Redondo Beach

Coming Soon in Palos Verdes

Coming Soon in Torrance

Coming Soon in El Segundo

Get Instant Alerts for 'Coming Soon' Listings

Each of the pages above has an option to Get Updates for a specific community.

Simply click the red "Get Updates" button above the listings and then manually change the email frequency to "Instant," to get alerts as soon as properties hit the "coming soon" list.

What's that?

You want us to set up your search?

You want to see properties outside the South Bay markets listed above?

We can help. Just click here and fill out the form to make your request. We'll get right on it. No obligation.

Once again, we're thrilled to be first to offer consumers this first look at upcoming listings.

MB Confidential has always been about helping to create a smarter, more transparent real estate market. This feature is right in our wheelhouse. Enjoy.


Current Coming Soon Listings in Manhattan Beach

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