Open Forum (12/18-12/31)

By Dave Fratello | December 18th, 2008
Everyone's trying to get into shape, and often falling behind.

Why should Santa be an exception? (Or HBO's "Tim," for that matter?)

On occasion of the upcoming holiday, we just had to share this pic from a little marketing blog. The point of the post there being that "fat Santa" is a bad role model and – more critically – outdated and "a brand in trouble." Obesity isn't cool. It can't be good for Santa, either:
[I]f Santa eats just one cookie for every child he delivers a gift to in the U.S.A., he will gain 3.7 million pounds in just one night!
Bad Santa. Maybe this year, we'll call off the toys-and-cookies deal while you train for a marathon. All we want is lower and lower mortgage rates – and jobs. Not necessarily in that order.


A note about this longer-term Open Forum: We're entering perhaps the slowest couple of weeks of the RE calendar. Add to that the strategically placed holidays this year chomping big holes in the next couple of work weeks. We know lots of readers will be occupied away from MBC. (But you never know.)

MBC will still have regular stories during this period, but this will be the last "Open Forum" of 2008.

As always, please use this week's "Open Forum" thread for news clips, off-topic questions & discussions of (virtually) any nature. Keep it clean.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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