Open Forum (2/24-3/2)

By Dave Fratello | February 24th, 2009
Some day not so far up and around the corner, it will be MBC's 2-year anniversary.

As that approaches, maybe you share our sense that the blog design is huffing and puffing, a wheel or two may be coming loose, and maybe it's time to take the old Honda into the shop. We're feeling that way, anyway. Here's why:
  • In recent days, the surf report widget reported a water temp of 128 degrees. Maybe some day, but not now.
  • The weather forecast has gone buggy right at a time when the weather is actually a bit interesting. Sure, much of the year we could plug in a picture of "69 degrees" and let that be that. But now's an awkward time for that info box to quit.
  • And of course, the comments system. Egad, the comments system. We got "Intense Debate" because Blogger's "recent comments" feed broke. Once Blogger got fixed, we were kind of attached to the new system – did you notice how no one begins comments with "Hey, anon 2:18" anymore? Alas, the new system has now broken in the same way... the "recent comments" feed is stuck.
Rest assured, we're working on the look and function of MBC with that 2-year anniversary in mind. Some wonderful people in central and southern Asia have offered to help. (We've given up on the local teens.)

We're looking at some other changes, too. As regular readers know, MBC is always a work in progress, responding to your feedback as surely as we do to developments in the market.

So we hope you'll bear with us through this ongoing evolution.


As always, please use this week's "Open Forum" thread for news clips, off-topic questions & discussions of (virtually) any nature. And keep it clean.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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