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By Dave Fratello | July 22nd, 2008
The local dog trainer this weekend carried a vital, investigative piece suggesting that MB is chock-full of pro athletes.

We here at MBC assume you catch these things on your own, but just in case, here's a link and a money quote:
What Silicon Valley is for programmers and Nashville is for musicians, Manhattan Beach has become for professional athletes. Besides [Maria] Sharapova, there are Lakers and Clippers, Dodgers and Kings. There are pro volleyball players, soccer players and football players.
Yes, that's right, we are wall-to-wall athletes. Except for the B-list actors, producers, writers, money managers, lawyers, run-of-the-mill CEOs, and, oh, hey, various other hardworking folk. If there's a celebrity requirement for entry, we haven't seen it on the city gates.

Sure, MB has changed, is changing. Thanks, LAT. We're with you on that.

So, can you tell us who is paying too much ($4.3m+) for a 2br near the Strand and $11m for that gargantuan home on the Hill?

All things in time.

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